Medical Equipment
HSG has changed the traditional scope of medical equipment services. In the past, planners would provide a proposed equipment scope, an equipment binder, and vendor pricing and exit. Leaving nursing, purchasing, administration and other team members to fend for themselves often times resulting in negative scope, scheudle, and budget implications. HSG is truly a team player staying with you from concept to commissioning embracing and aligning our responsibilities & accountability to your investments.
"HSG takes it a step further by becoming a true partner of the owner every step of the way ensuring a smooth implementation no matter what the budget is."
Scott Liles, AIA
Scott & White Memorial Hospital
Rosario Lombardo, RN
University Medical Center Brackenridge
"The HSG team provided a level of experience and expertise that far surpassed their contractual obligation."
Maria Olvera, BSN, RN
Seton Southwest Medical Center
"HSG provides a professional service with a personal touch."
John C. Brindley, FACHE
Seton Medical Center Austin
"I have found [HSG] to be highly creative and innovative, appropriately challenging our team in pursuit of our goals."
Sharon R. Perry RN, BS, MBA
Seton Medical Center Austin
"When there is a project as large as ours, you want to have confidence that a responsible person is making sure you have the right equipment to open a hospital and understands timeliness."
Ernie W. Sadau
Alice Landers
Harris Methodist HEB Hospital
"HSG speaks the same language as our staff, physicians and leadership. I look forward to working with HSG in the future."
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